Beachwaver Curling Iron

Beachwaver Curling Iron

The Beachwaver is another top-notch curling iron that spins to create perfect waves. This is a premium inclusion in our list of products to buy. The iron is fairly easy to use: just squeeze the hair, spin it and release it. It gives you maximum curl control with two buttons for clockwise and counterclockwise rotation. In fact, the dual rotation is a great feature that makes the iron stand out from the rest. In addition, this iron has a low and high speed setting. It also heats up quickly in 30 seconds with a temperature range of 290 to 410 degrees F.


  • 5-inch ceramic protective rod
  • 290-410 degrees F
  • Fast heat up in 30 seconds
  • Precise styling due to High and Low-speed adjustments

What is the best hair curling iron?

MiroPure Curling Iron – Best Curling Iron for Thick Hair with Beachy Waves. The MiroPure curling iron has a 1.25-inch barrel for looser, more natural-looking waves. This barrel size is excellent for very thick hair which may need more surface area to heat and curl efficiently.

What is a curling iron made of?

Curling irons are typically made of ceramic, metal, Teflon, titanium, tourmaline.The barrel’s shape can either be a cone, reverse cone, or cylinder, and the iron can have brush attachments or double and triple barrels. The curling iron can also have either a clipless, Marcel, or spring-loaded handle.

What does curling iron mean?

curling iron. an instrument for curling or waving the hair, generally a metal rod around which, after it is heated, a tress of hair is rolled into a ringlet.

What is a beach wave iron?

The Beachwaver is a curling iron that rotates and does the work for you. Simply hit the button and choose fast or slow speed as you feed each section around the barrel. With a little practice, you’ll be obsessed with this tool that makes it easy to get glossy curls, beachy waves, or big, voluminous hair.

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