[Bulk buying set] Panasonic LAMDASH shaver cleaning charger dedicate

Easily Catches Long Hairs, And Trims With Precision: Acute 30-Degree Cutting Edge To Cut Efficiently And Cleanly At The Root. Pop-Up Trimmer Facilitates Beard And Mustache Grooming..
Powerful Motor For A Fast Shave: High-Performance Linear Motor Shaves At Speeds Of 14,000 Cycles Per Minute (Cpm), Delivering Peak Performance.
Versatile Wet Dry Shaver: High-Performance Electric Razor Is Perfect Whether You Need A Quick, Dry Shave Or Prefer To Use Your Favorite Shaving Foam Or Gel In The Shower Or Over The Sink..
Shave In Comfort With A Flexible, Gently Curved Pivoting Head: Curved Shaver Head Moves Effortlessly Across The Skin, Gliding In A Smooth, Uniform Motion Along The Chin, Jawline, Neck, And Head.


4-BLADE SHAVING SYSTEM FOR A PRECISE SHAVE: Shaver with micro-thin stainless-steel foils captures, lifts, and holds whiskers while four super-sharp, Micro-fit Panasonic blades cut hair cleanly at the baseSHAVE IN COMFORT WITH A FLEXIBLE, GENTLY CURVED PIVOTING HEAD: Curved shaver head moves effortlessly across the skin, gliding in a smooth, uniform motion along the chin, jawline, neck, and headEASILY CATCHES LONG HAIRS, AND TRIMS WITH PRECISION: Acute 30-degree cutting edge to cut efficiently and cleanly at the root. Pop-up trimmer facilitates beard and mustache grooming.VERSATILE WET DRY SHAVER: High-performance electric razor is perfect whether you need a quick, dry shave or prefer to use your favorite shaving foam or gel in the shower or over the sink.POWERFUL MOTOR FOR A FAST SHAVE: High-performance linear motor shaves at speeds of 14,000 cycles per minute (cpm), delivering peak performance


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