Col. Conk Bay Rum Glycerine Shave Soap

Contains Vitamin E.


Glycerin shave soapContains Vitamin E

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2013-8-29 · Col Conk Bay Rum is a decent enough glycerin based soap – which means it’ll leave my skin feeling dry after a shave. I did read up on the soap before buying, and there are some glowing reviews of it online… but in hindsight I feel it might be more rightly classed as a middle-of-the-road shaving soap and not a great one.

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2021-9-24 · col ichabod-conk 143 2.25 Is Similar To: 122 Col Ichabod Conk Lime Glycerine Shave Soap Two Cakes (68.5% similar) Theres not much that can go wrong during the day when it starts with a refreshing shave this lime scented soap listing is for two ounce pucks. Col Ichabod Conk lime glycerine shave soap two cakes Conks has an avocado oil and glycerin base, …

Col Ichabod Conk Soap Cakes Bay Glycerineshave Rum 2.25

Col Conk Glycerine Shave Soap is one of their very best! The Colonel has built a reputation on a gentle but rich lasting lather to make your shaving experience the most satisfying. Conk toiletries are uncomplicated and effective with light and masculine scents! 2.25 oz size

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 · It’s not a bad aroma by any means, not sure what it does smell like, just not bay rum. If you are expecting a prominent bay rum aroma you will be disappointed with this, however, if you don’t care and are looking for a close comfortable shave, you will be quite happy. Had this had a real bay rum aroma I would have rated it a 10.

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 · In 9 years of wetshaving, Conk Bay Rum remains the only shave soap that was tossed after one use. IMO, Conk had the worst scent and performance of any soap or cream tried. While I love the scent of Ogallala (and the scent of clove), it’s performance is average and nowhere near a tallow soap like Harris or Stirling or a soft soap like Captain’s …

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Col Conk Glycerine Shave Soap – Super Bar is one of their very best! The super bar size gives you more of a great soap. Conk toiletries are uncomplicated and effective with light and masculine scents! 3.75 oz Super Bar

Col. Conk – Glycerine Shave Soap. Super Bar 3.75 oz – …

 · Anywho, I used her soap (as body soap) for the past 9-10 months now and it’s great soap. For the post, I thought it was like any other post, since I did not have the new soaps to talk about, yet, I thought I should post my researchs since I considered Col. Conk very seriously.

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 · Col Conk gets a lot of hate sometimes, but these threads always grab my attention. I have the Bay Rum and get nice shaves using it. I think some struggle with glycerin soaps in general but they always deliver for me. Mama Bear is quite nice as well, if you like glycerin soaps. I have a sample of Kells Energy I’m looking forward to trying also.

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 · Since your Col. Conk soap is a glycerin soap, it’s safe to melt it in your microwave and will not affect its performance one bit. Just use 10 second bursts, and watch for overdoing it. By the way, do NOT try this with anything but a glycerine soap–it will ruin it!

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