Conair Ceramic Flocked Hot Roller Set with Cord Reel

Conair Ceramic Flocked Hot Roller Set with Cord Reel

If you are looking for a dynamic hair roller set, then this is a great choice with 20 pieces of rollers. This is a premium roller set with 12 temperature settings. This makes it a versatile choice for treating different hair types. Plus, you can easily create different styles using different size rollers and different temperature settings. In total, there are three roller sizes: 0.75 inch, 1 inch and 1.25 inch. You can choose one of these rollers depending on the length of your hair and the curls you want. In addition, this roller has a retractable cord and a quick 2 minute heat up time.


  • Fast two-minute heat up
  • Retractable power cord hence easy to store
  • Versatile and features 12 temperature settings
  • Reduces hair frizz due to the generation of real negative ions

How many ceramic curlers are in Conair Xtreme?

Get relaxed waves, ringlet curls or just add volume with this variety of heated ceramic flocked rollers. Ranging from small to large, each of the 20 curlers is flocked with Ceramic technology to hold and transfer heat consistently, helping you set your hair for salon-style results.

How does the Conair smooth and wave Styler work?

SMOOTH AND WAVE STYLER. The 2-in-1 InfinitiPRO by Conair® Smooth and Wave features two separate styling functions to get the style you seek with the greatest of ease! Choose your style and pick your mode. Hair is gently drawn into the chamber where it is heated and either curled or straightened.

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