Conair Super Jumbo Hot Rollers

Conair Super Jumbo Hot Rollers

This is another exciting set of hair fixers for big curls. It’s a perfect choice for creating smooth, long-lasting curls. The set comes with 12 untangled rollers. It is a uniquely designed hair device with 2 hair flockings. In addition, this hair straightener offers excellent heat protection, making it suitable for all hair types. An additional steam tank helps moisturize hair while reducing frizz. The results are longer lasting curls.


  • 2x hair flocking
  • More heat protection
  • 12-tangle free rollers
  • Reduces hair frizz due to a steam reservoir

How big are the Conair super jumbo hot rollers?

About this item Ceramic-infused technology – for heat transfer and long-lasting curls More heat protection with twice the flocking of competitive products Includes: 12 ceramic flocked rollers of two different sizes; 1.) Four 1 3/4-inch super jumbo rollers 2.)

What’s the difference between Conair heat waves and Jumbo?

Conair Heat waves Jumbo and super Jumbo ceramic rollers can bring your curls new bounce and hold. They heat up quickly to provide voluminous curls swiftly and easily. These Conair Heat waves rollers come in two different sizes, so you can choose whether you want a tight or wavy finish.

What are the pins on the Conair Hot Rollers?

Twelve pins are included to hold the rollers in place. This is a modernized version of the roller sets of yesteryear: it’s compact, lightweight, and efficient, and the velvety covering on the rollers helps protect your hair from heat damage. Who knew you could get so much glamour in so little time?

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