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【Easy To Carry】The Travel Lock Design Makes The 6D Shaver Easy To Carry. Very Safe And Easy To Shave. Anti-Pinch System-The Low-Power Smart Sensor Battery Status Can Also Maintain Stable Power Operation, Effectively Preventing Hair From Pinching..
【Quality Service】Our Shavers Have A 12-Month Shelf Life, No Matter What Problems You Encounter, You Can Contact Us At Any Time..
【Waterproof】This Electric Shaver Has A Good Waterproof Function, With A Waterproof Rating Of Ip68, Which Can Be Used To Wash The Whole Body With Water. The Blade Can Be Opened, So You Can Easily Clean The Remaining Hair. You Can Use Electric Head Shaver For Both Wet And Dry Purposes, And Shaving With Soap Foam Can Get A Better Shave Effect. Easy To Operate And Easy To Clean..
【Fast Charging, Long Battery Life】 Head Razor Can Be Fully Charged After About 2 Hours Of Continuous Charging, And Shaver Can Be Used For About 90 Minutes. Bald Head Shaver Is Convenient To Charge. Insert The End Of The Usb Charging Cable Into The 6D Electric Shaver, Then Connect The Usb Cable With The Charging Head Into The Power Socket, Or Plug The Other End Of The Usb Cable Into The Computer Or Car Usb Port. The Intelligent Led Display Shows The Battery Status..


Multi-function razor finishing kit The upgraded 6-head men’s electric razor has 6 different accessories, including razor, hair clipper, nose hair device, silicone lavatory, face lavatory, and shaving razor. The multifunctional beauty kit will meet all your facial care needs. The effect of shaved head is remarkable. Fast charging, long battery life Head razor can be fully charged after about 2 hours of continuous charging, and shaver can be used for about 90 minutes. Bald head shaver is convenient to charge. Insert the end of the USB charging cable into the 6D electric shaver, then connect the USB cable with the charging head into the power socket, or plug the other end of the USB cable into the computer or car USB port. The intelligent LED display shows the battery status. Easy to carry The travel lock design makes the 6D shaver easy to carry. Very safe and easy to shave. Anti-pinch system-the low-power smart sensor battery status can also maintain stable power operation, effectively preventing hair from pinching. Waterproof This electric shaver has a good waterproof function, with a waterproof rating of IP68, which can be used to wash the whole body with water. The blade can be opened, so you can easily clean the remaining hair. You can use electric head shaver for both wet and dry purposes, and shaving with soap foam can get a better shave effect. Easy to operate and easy to clean. Quality Service Our shavers have a 12-month shelf life, no matter what problems you encounter, you can contact us at any time.

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2021. 2. 15.· Finding the perfect electric razor for shaving your head comes with the benefit of never having to get your head professionally shaved.With a bald head shaver, you get a close, comfortable shave without spending a lot of money. Whether you’re looking to maintain a clean shave every day or just want to cut costs of going to a barber, selecting a high-quality razor …

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2021. 2. 5.· I’m personally a big fan of pre-shave lotions and I’ve tried lots of them. In fact, I used to only shave wet with my electric razors as the results of a dry shave weren’t quite satisfactory. I can honestly say that using a high-quality pre-shave lotion was a game-changer for me and in the next section I will be sharing some of my favorites.

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Electric Shavers. Fast. Comfortable. Convenient. Whether you’re making the switch from manual razors or looking for an electric upgrade, check out our full range of foil and rotary shavers. Electric Shavers; Clippers & Trimmers; Rotary Shavers

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Get a convenient smooth shave with Skull Shavers revolutionary electric mens head shavers, electric womens leg and body shavers, and electric hair clippers. Ergonomic designs make for some of the best electric shavers available for men and women.

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️ Electric Shaver 5 in 1: Men’s electric razor bald head shaver with 5 detachable heads, including hair shaving, body hair shaving, beard trimming, nose hair trimming, facial care, come with 4 limit combs, meet all your needs for shaving and facial care.Reviews: 187Men’s Electric Shavers | Shaver Shop shavers are considerably more efficient than manual shavers and razors and have a longer life span, particularly if they are cared for properly – Don’t forget to purchase Shaver Guard to extend the life of your blade and sanitise your shaver. We carry men’s electric shavers from all the best and most trusted brands including Remington …

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