Hawink Rotary Tattoo Pen with German FAULHABER Motor & Aircraft Aluminum Alloy

Hawink Rotary Tattoo Pen with German FAULHABER Motor & Aircraft Aluminum Alloy

This is another powerful tattoo gun machine with a reliable and efficient German engine. The machine has the highest quality aerospace aluminum alloy housing for durability. It is a simple but strong, stable and powerful machine to buy immediately. The machine’s motor runs quietly without any vibration for easy and accurate tattooing. This is by far, one of the best pen tattoos designed to give you the closest pen-like design. In addition, the machine has a wide dot frequency of 25-165Hz. The smooth and gentle operation of the machine allows for quick healing after tattooing. Overall, this is a decent machine running on 5-10V maximum.


  • Gives the closest feeling to a real pen
  • Strong and stable
  • High-quality aircraft-grade aluminum alloy casing
  • Low-noise levels

Which is the best rotary tattoo machine kit?

Hawink Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen Kit is a complete tattoo kit, containing all the necessary accessories, you will not need to purchase any equipment individually. Talking about the tattoo machine, it works on Japanese coreless motors , and you will always experience low noise, long-lasting stability, continuous operation, smooth, and operation.

Is there a rotary tattoo gun on eBay?

Whether you need a rotary or a coil machine, there is a large inventory of new and used tattoo guns to choose from on eBay. You may be aware that the rotary tattoo gun is a quieter machine; it’s powered by a delicate rotating needle that is more gentle on the skin than the coil gun.

Which is the best motor for CNC tattoo?

High level of expertise Faulhaber Micromotor makes CNC Q2 perform excellent at lining and color packing. The drive structure is optimized by the professional CNC design team, combined with high-performance motors, thus significantly reducing vibration and noise.

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