Kiss Automatic Curling Iron

Kiss Automatic Curling Iron

This is a 1 inch automatic curling iron from the great brand Kiss Products. This is a premium curling iron with an excellent curling function. The wand has patented pins and ridges that act like combs to smooth and detangle hair. This is an excellent feature that makes curling easy and effortless. In addition, the curling iron is equipped with ceramic heating technology. It helps to reduce frizz and damage to the hair. It is a curling wand with a simple design that works at the touch of a button. Also, the iron is quite safe with the handle ergonomically located away from the hot iron. This allows you to curl your hair without necessarily wearing heat resistant gloves..


  • Comes with 2 heat settings
  • Heats to a max of 420-degree F
  • 9—minute auto-shutoff
  • Patented prongs/ridges acting as combs

Is the kiss instawave an automatic curling iron?

Ship it! Kiss Ceramic Instawave automatic hair curler is the perfect styling tool for those who just can’t style with conventional curling irons and wands. The ceramic ionic technology fosters healthy, shiny salon style curls or waves with less frizz and damage with just a touch of a button

How does an automatic ceramic curling iron work?

If your hair does get stuck, simply spin the curling dial the opposite direction to release the hair. With Ceramic Ionic technology, this automatic curling iron allows the hair to lay smooth and shiny while fighting frizz and flyaways.

Which is the best curling iron for natural hair?

The automatic hair curler from KISS will allow you to create curls that will look as if they were made in a beauty salon. With the help of a ceramic ionic technology, this beauty tool does not damage your hair and gives the curls a natural look.

Is it better to use a comb with a curling iron?

The patented “curl dial” makes it virtually impossible for your hair to get tangled and seems to be less damaging than clamping your hair between two hot plates. Additionally, the combs smooth and detangle the hair as it curls. Since your hands never come close to the hot iron, there is no need to wear a glove while curling your hair.

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