SUPRENT Mens Beard Trimmer Adjustable

SUPRENT Mens Beard Trimmer Adjustable

This is another cordless men’s beard trimmer with a full grooming kit. It is a fast and precise trimmer that can trim your beard to the desired size and shape. The trimmer is equipped with a powerful DC motor for efficient cutting and trimming. It is a versatile trimmer capable of trimming facial hair, sideburns, mustache and more. Moreover, the trimmer is quite easy to handle and operate. It is equipped with a micro USB cable for fast and efficient charging. The built-in battery provides 60 minutes of runtime on a single charge. Overall, this is a decent beard trimmer with adjustable cutting lengths. The trimmer is also lightweight and portable, so it’s easy to use while traveling.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Features a lock-switch to prevent unintended movement
  • 60-minute battery power
  • Fast and precise

Which is the best beard trimmer for men?

With the right beard trimmer, you’ll be able to achieve a precise cut and necessary lengths from the comfort of your own bathroom. After doing our research, we have rounded up some of the best adjustable beard trimmers to make your next grooming session a total success.

How to use a beard trimmer with WD40?

1 Use the oil that comes with the clippers or WD40. … 2 When oiling your clippers, you should make sure that you’ve brushed off any excess hair that might be in the blades. 3 Turn your clippers on and drip the oil onto them allowing the moving blades to saturate 4 Run the blades for about 20 seconds. More items…

How long does a beard trimmer blade last?

The replaceable blade lasts up to 4 months (assuming you shave twice a week). And with the included guards, you can trim a close-cut beard to three different lengths. It’s designed for stubble length whiskers, though, so don’t choose this trimmer if you want to grow out your beard.

What’s the best way to trim a beard?

Some beard trimmers use adjustable beard guide settings instead of blade guards or combs. A dial determines the cutting length, from a 0 (stubble) to 20 or higher. The gradations can be subtle, but they are essential for beard styles requiring precise fades and blends.

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