Telfun Body Trimmer for Men, Electric Groin Hair Trimmer, Replaceabl

➤ Please Note That In The Groin Area Where The Skin Is Relatively Soft, Be Sure To Use An Adjustable Guide Comb To Trim, Otherwise It Will Easily Damage The Skin. Snap The Blade Into The Blade Slot Until You Hear A Click. Choose Your Desired Hair Length And The Corresponding Comb Guide. Attach The Comb By Aligning The Sides Of The Grooming Length With The Grooves On The Underside Of The Comb Attachment And Slide Into Place. Press The On/Off Button To Turn On The Groin Trimmer..
➤ Note: Avoid Cuts Or Nics!!! Please Follow The Instruction To Use. Pull Your Skin Tight And Cut Slowly And Steady When You Cut The Sensitive Area Or It Will Be Easy To Hurt The Loose Fold Skin Without The Comb Guide. If You Have Any Problem, Just Feel Free To Contact Us, All Telfun Groin Trimmer Have Two Year Free Warranty..
➤ Updated Led Light Design Will Be Convenient To Trim Private Parts; Fully Waterproof Body Trimmer For Men Is Made For Next-Level Trimming Convenience, Safely Use Dry Anytime Or In The Shower; 100 Percentage Washable For Easy Cleaning In Seconds..
➤ This Next-Level Body Trimmer For Men Is Cordless, Waterproof, And Can Be Charged With A Rapid Charging Usb Dock For The Utmost In Convenience. It Also Comes With An Adjustable Guide Comb For Different Hair Lengths. No Matter What Length You Choose, You Can Be Sure To Get An Even Trim. Plus, The Groin Trimmer Features Rust-Proof, Ceramic Snap-In Blades For Hygiene And Sharpness..


Soft Ceramic Blades Featuring Advanced Technology, enabling you to experience the best in body grooming comfort and convenience. Now you will be able to easily groom, shave, style and trim all areas of your body including the underarms, shoulders, chest, legs, arms, stomach and groin. Trimming the hedges makes the tree look bigger and better! This Next-level Body Trimmer for Men is Cordless, waterproof, and can be charged with a rapid charging USB dock for the utmost in convenience. It also comes with an adjustable guide comb for different hair lengths. No matter what length you choose, you can be sure to get an even trim. Plus, The groin trimmer features rust-proof, ceramic snap-in blades for hygiene and sharpness. Please Note That in the Groin Area Where the skin is relatively soft, be sure to use an adjustable guide comb to trim, otherwise it will easily damage the skin. Snap the blade into the blade slot until you hear a click. Choose your desired hair length and the corresponding comb guide. Attach the comb by aligning the sides of the grooming length with the grooves on the underside of the comb attachment and slide into place. Press the on/off button to turn on the groin trimmer. Updated LED Light Design will be convenient to trim private parts; Fully Waterproof Body Trimmer for Men is made for next-level trimming convenience, safely use dry anytime or in the shower; 100 percentage washable for easy cleaning in seconds. Note: Avoid cuts or nics!!! Please follow the instruction to use. Pull your skin tight and cut slowly and steady when you cut the sensitive area or it will be easy to hurt the loose fold skin without the comb guide. If you have any problem, just feel free to contact us, all Telfun Groin Trimmer Have Two Year Free Warranty.

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